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ACTRESS from Florida

Actress from Florida

Elaitheia Quinn is an American Actress currently traveling throughout the Southeast. Watch Reel

Elaitheia Quinn
My Features
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Italian
Height: 5'4"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
My Skills
  • dialects
  • biking
  • improvisation
  • character voices
  • lacrosse
  • mountain biking
  • photography
  • swimming
  • badminton
  • texas hold'em
  • voice talent
  • Salsa
  • keyboard-beginner
  • kayaking
  • balloon art
  • bowling
  • dance
  • face painting
  • frisbee
  • hiking
  • Italian-beginner
  • Mime
  • kickboxing-beginner
  • Short Form


Photo Gallery

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Video Reel

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Elaitheia is available for work in Lousiana, Florida, New York and California.


Training Info

Training makes perfect! Contact me for any other references you may need.

Best Performance
Awarded by
Neutral Mask & Physical Character W. Cheryl Ann Sanders
2013 - 2015
Master Meisner Program
Truthful Acting Studios
Dramatic Improvisation w. Al Hubbs
2013 - 2014
Commercial Life w. Kevin O'neilll
Stage Combat W. Jason Skinner


Contact Info

Feel free to fill in the form below to send me a message, or contact me via my social media profiles

Elaitheia's Representation

Hector Santos
Commercial Agent at Azuree Talent • 407) 629-5025

Central Florida Talent

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Elaitheia Quinn
Elaitheia Quinn
Actress from Florida
About Elaitheia

Elaitheia Quinn is an American Actress currently traveling throughout the Southeast. She most recently wrapped with film, commercial & TV productions in Louisiana, Mississippi & Florida.

Watch Reel & other previous work

Elaitheia's early ambitions leaned towards writing and filmmaking from behind the camera. However she began pursuing acting while a student at Truthful Acting Studios under the mentors of Marco DiGeorge & Robb Maus. There she studied The Meisner Approach, dramatic improvisation as well as an introduction into Chekov. She has since been enamored with the craft and continues to train.

As of late 2014 she became an award-winning actress for her performance of "Planet X" written by Jean Paul Labbe. The Los Angeles Casting Director judge, Lindsay Chag, said-

"Every moment feels authentic with dynamic nuances that enhance the character's believability."

In Miss Quinn's downtime from acting - she enjoys exploring new cities and continuing hobbies such as photography, geocaching & cooking.

Her intimate thoughts & travel photo journal is currently public.

From: Florida
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Italian
Height: 5'4"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Elaitheia's Representation:   Central Florida Talent